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Dave Harrington Unveils New Single “Dust Strings Peaks” from Album “Skull Dream”

Dave Harrington – “Dust Strings Peaks”

Best known for his work with Darkside, Dave Harrington is back with a new single, “Dust Strings Peaks,” from his upcoming album Skull Dream, following last October’s The Pictures.

Instruments featured on Skull Dream include pedal steel guitar, organ, piano, mellotron, and bamboo flute. Harrington collaborated with various artists to bring in orchestral elements such as clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet, with notable names like Shahzad Ismaily, Spencer Zahn, and Phil Weinrobe.

Speaking about the creative process, Harrington states, “This was a real exercise in both starting out with a concept – the heavy meets the beautiful, the sensation of a dream – and also being open to changing it along the way. I wanted to create frames for the music to live in without forcing it to be something.”

Experience “Dusk Strings Peaks” below.

01 “Dust Strings Peaks”
02 “Steel Bees”
03 “Acid Western”
04 “Box of Sun”
05 “Vistavision”
06 “Accept The Film”
07 “Elgin Theatre”
08 “Goodbye To The Mountain”
09 “Search For Light In Broad Daylight”
10 “Look Up At The Mountain”
11 “Dust Strings Peaks” (Reprise)

Skull Dream is scheduled for release on 7/26 under Harrington’s Maximum Overdub label.


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