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Christian Lee Hutson Reveals New Album ‘Paradise Pop. 10’ Featuring Phoebe Bridgers, Katy Kirby, & Maya Hawke

Christian Lee Hutson Announces New Album Paradise Pop. 10 Feat. Phoebe Bridgers, Katy Kirby, & Maya Hawke

Christian Lee Hutson launched his second album, ‘Quitters’, in 2022, following up on 2020’s ‘Beginners’. Today he announced his third album, ‘Paradise Pop. 10’. The lead single “After Hours” is already available.

“After Hours” includes synths by Shahzad Ismaily and has a music video directed by Meg Ha. ‘Paradise Pop. 10’ features guest vocals from Phoebe Bridgers, Katy Kirby, and Maya Hawke, and was produced in collaboration with Bridgers, Marshall Vore, and Joseph Lorge. Hutson contributed to the production and writing of Hawke’s ‘Chaos Angel’ and assisted Kirby on ‘Blue Raspberry’s “Party Of The Century’.

“I wanted to create an optimistic record. A forward-looking record,” Hutson shared about ‘Paradise Pop. 10’. He elaborated:

Sometimes when you reside in a place for an extended period, it can start feeling like a memory graveyard. Every corner begins to feel somewhat haunted, pulling you out of the present. That’s how LA started to feel for me. Spending so much time revisiting these emotional landmarks made me feel like I was missing out on my life. It felt very interconnected with the city. I found myself spending half my life in the car, almost on autopilot, reliving my life from the start, repetitively every day.”

Hutson has since relocated to New York, where he describes the vibe as “You’re alive in this moment. You’re experiencing your life today.” The album was recorded at Brooklyn’s Figure 8 Studio. Check out the video for “After Hours” below.

01 “Tiger”
02 “Carousel Horses”
03 “Autopilot”
04 “Water Ballet”
05 “Candyland”
06 “Flamingos”
07 “Fan Fiction”
08 “After Hours”
09 “Forever Immortalized”
10 “Skeleton Crew”
11 “Beauty School”

‘Paradise Pop. 10’ will be released on 9/27 via Anti-. Pre-order available here.


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