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Chime School – New Single “Wandering Song” on TunesDeck

Chime School – “Wandering Song”

Chime School recently unveiled their upcoming album titled The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel along with the release of “Give Your Heart Away.” Today, the Bay Area musician Andy Pastalaniec, under the moniker Chime School, has shared a new single called “Wandering Song.”

Pastalaniec mentioned that the song drew inspiration from imagining what it would be like if the East Village had composed Teenage Fanclub’s “Sparky’s Dream.” There are apparent musical influences from the former and rhythmic elements reminiscent of the latter throughout the track. Additionally, the song was influenced by Naomi Klein’s 2023 book, Doppelganger. Pastalaniec expressed that Klein’s insights, particularly in the chapter about social media and “digital golems,” aligned with the essence he wanted to convey through the song. Listen to the track below.

The album The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel is set to be released on 8/23 via Slumberland.


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