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Childish Gambino – Latest Music Release on TunesDeck

Childish Gambino – “Lithonia”

Donald Glover, known as Childish Gambino, is preparing to retire his musical alias. His final album as Childish Gambino, titled Bando Stone & The New World, is set for release on July 19th. Giving fans a taste of what’s to come, he has shared a new single called “Lithonia,” showcasing a dramatic and rock-heavy sound.

The single “Lithonia” had already been leaked on Audiomack, a peer-to-peer streaming platform. Glover addressed the situation during an Instagram Live session, expressing his frustration at the leak and jokingly calling out the platform. Despite the setback, he emphasized that his album rollout is all about having fun and enjoying the process.

In a lighthearted tone, Glover mentioned how he aims to bring enjoyment to his fans, contrasting it with the seriousness of some recent rivalries in the music industry, such as the Kendrick Lamar-Drake feud. He also mentioned his recent release, Atavista, a reinterpretation of his 2020 album 3.15.20. Fans can look forward to the release of Bando Stone & The New World and listen to “Lithonia” below.

Bando Stone & The New World will be available on 7/19 via RCA.


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