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Bodysync & Daniela Andrade – “Bailar (I Want To Dance)” (Music on TunesDeck)

Bodysync & Daniela Andrade – “Bailar (I Want To Dance)”

Bodysync & Daniela Andrade – “Bailar (I Want To Dance)”

The music duo Bodysync, consisting of producers Ryan Hemsworth and Giraffage, recently unveiled their single “Back Of My Mind” under the project Dazy. They are gearing up for the release of their upcoming album called Nutty. Earlier, we shared their singles “Rock It” and “Babies,” adding to the build-up for their album.

While “Back Of My Mind” won’t be part of Nutty, the album does include the collaborative track “Bailar (I Want To Dance),” which Bodysync just released today. Featuring Montreal artist Daniela Andrade, the track combines euphoric house-pop vibes with her soothing vocals, creating a captivating contrast of energies. Bodysync expressed their admiration for Andrade’s work, stating, “Daniela is one of our favorite artists to work with. She never overwrites and seems to instinctively know how much a track needs.” The song exudes a joyful spirit, and you can listen to it below.

Nutty will be available on 6/28 via Buddies Inc.


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