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Article on Brian Gibson’s New Album “Mica II” Available for Music Download on TunesDeck

Brian Gibson – “Mica II”

Explore the world of Brian Gibson, celebrated as the bassist for Lightning Bolt, known for their intense performances. Apart from his music career, Gibson is recognized for his work in video game design and composition. His latest project, Thrasher, set to follow his VR game Thumper from 2016, promises to be an unparalleled arcade adventure. Gibson describes it as an experience that transcends spoken language, drawing players into a dreamlike realm similar to the subconscious state between waking and sleeping.

Sharing his thoughts, Gibson mentions:

Games that create their own unique universe captivate me. I seek to be taken far away from reality, almost to a point where words fail to express the experience. It should be like playing Pac-Man – simple yet profound.

Collaborating with Thrill Jockey, Gibson introduces “Mica II,” the second-to-last track from the Thrasher soundtrack. Listen to it below.

01 “Metal Maze”
02 “Magenta Machine”
03 “Monolith”
04 “Mist”
05 “Mica”
06 “Timekeepers”
07 “Metal Maze II”
08 “Maelstrom”
09 “Melting Menace”
10 “Magma Skull”
11 “Mica II”
12 “Mad Moon”

The Thrasher soundtrack releases on 8/23 through Thrill Jockey. The Thrasher game is set to launch on Quest and Apple Vision Pro on 7/25. Further details can be found here.


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