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Armlock – “Guardian” (Free Music Download at TunesDeck)

Armlock – “Guardian”

Armlock, a band formed by Simon Lam from Kllo and Nearly Oratorio along with his former college classmate Hamish Mitchell, is preparing to release their debut album titled Seashell Angel Lucky Charm next month. The band introduced the album earlier this spring with the single “Ice Cold.” Today, they are unveiling another track called “Guardian,” which carries a mix of melancholic post-hardcore akin to the xx with subtle bursts of Modest Mouse guitar. For those craving moody and subtle indie music, this track delivers that vibe effectively.

In a statement, the band shared that “‘Guardian’ delves into the longing for guidance when an uncertain future feels near, and the search for answers by examining present life. The song captures the essence of seeking a guiding presence through spirituality or a heightened awareness of higher realms.” Explore the song below.

Seashell Angel Lucky Charm will be available on 7/12 through Run For Cover.


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