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Allegra Krieger: “Never Arriving” (Featured Music)

Allegra Krieger – “Never Arriving”

The previous year marked a significant milestone for Allegra Krieger. Shortly after the release of her fourth studio album titled I Keep My Feet On The Fragile Plane, she unveiled an EP named Fragile Plane: B-Sides. Now, she has announced a new album, Art Of The Unseen Infinity Machine, due in September, featuring its lead single “Never Arriving” that is already available.

Following an incident of escaping an apartment fire, Krieger found inspiration for much of Art Of The Unseen Infinity Machine. The album’s 12 tracks delve into reflections on the boundaries between life and death and how our perspectives on mortality influence our journey through life.

Contrasting with her previous works which often featured minimalistic folk tunes, “Never Arriving” takes on a more daring approach. The track bears resemblance to the melodious, electric guitar sounds found in songs by MJ Lenderman (who coincidentally announced an album as well). Krieger elaborates in a press statement:

In this song, I envision a world devoid of violence and possessiveness, where we navigate life driven by wonder and curiosity rather than a pursuit of goals or destinations. I believe true moments of arrival occur at birth and death, and everything in between, all the turmoil and conflicts, shape our flawed souls. It’s a plea for tenderness in a seemingly harsh world.

Check out the video for “Never Arriving” directed by Joe Ahern below.

01 “Roosevelt Ave”
02 “Never Arriving”
03 “Came”
04 “Burning Wings”
05 “I’m So Happy I Cannot Face Tomorrow”
06 “Over And Out”
07 “Into Eternity”
08 “Interlude for the Undefined”
09 “Absolve”
10 “How Do You Sleep”
11 “One Of The Other”
12 “Where You Want To Go”
13 “New Mexico”

Art Of The Unseen Infinity Machine is set to be released on 9/13 via Double Double Whammy.


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