Top 10 Popular Songs from West Africa Right Now

This month’s compilation of top music from West Africa showcases a wide array of musical talents from different countries in the region. Artists from Senegal to Mali, Cote d’Ivoire to Ghana bring their unique perspectives and creative expressions to the forefront.

The list includes a mix of rap, Afropop, Amapiano, Senegalese drill rap, and more. From tender love stories to poignant endings, from assertive declarations of greatness to introspective moments, each song on the list offers something distinctive. Moreover, there are emerging artists poised to steer West African music in new and exciting directions.

Scroll down to explore which musicians have made it to this month’s list of top songs from West Africa.

Hakill “Oro” (Senegal)

Senegalese rapper Hakill delivers his latest track, “Oro,” with a captivating intensity. In this drill piece, Hakill tackles various themes with confidence, taking aim at detractors while emphasizing his resolve and projecting a powerful presence. Since his debut in 2017 with the album “3e Baraam,” Hakill has crafted a distinct musical identity characterized by smooth rap verses and innovative productions.

Gabzy “X” (Nigeria)

Nigerian artist Gabzy, known for his romantic songs, unveils “X,” a track that showcases a more guarded persona. “X” is a melodious piece that quickly captures listeners’ attention, as Gabzy establishes firm boundaries and navigates the emotions surrounding the end of a once beautiful relationship.

Lyrical Joe “1960” (Ghana)

Ghanaian rapper Lyrical Joe pulls no punches in “1960.” Displaying a high-energy delivery, he addresses a range of issues with precision, drawing parallels with the fast-paced rap style of artists like Sarkodie. While his critiques may not resonate with everyone, Lyrical Joe’s resolute expression and sharp lyrical prowess are hard to overlook.

Wizzy Kana “HERO” (Senegal)

Senegalese artist Wizzy Kana, known for his Senegalese drill rap and Afropop fusion, presents “HERO,” a vibrant track with infectious beats. With compelling hooks and clever wordplay, Wizzy Kana continues to make his mark in the Senegalese music scene.

Kelvyn Boy “Fly Away” (Ghana)

Ghanaian artist Kelvyn Boy, known for hits like “Down Flat,” releases “Fly Away,” a danceable Afrobeats track with playful lyrics and an engaging rhythm. Infused with highlife guitar elements, the song is poised to become another crowd favorite.

Shado Chris ft Famas “Aholé” (Cote d’Ivoire)

Cote d’Ivoire’s Shado Chris collaborates with Famas on “Aholé,” a dynamic track that blends poetic verses with catchy hooks, creating an energetic and memorable listening experience. The song exemplifies the diverse talent emerging from Senegal.

Arathejay “C’est La Vie” (Ghana)

Ghanaian artist Arathejay showcases his affectionate side in “C’est La Vie,” a lively fusion of amapiano and Afropop. With a catchy chorus and vibrant instrumentals, the track is a perfect addition to any club playlist.

Roseline Layo “Loulou” (Cote d’Ivoire)

Cote d’Ivoire’s Roseline Layo shares her deep affection in “Loulou,” a melodious track characterized by soulful vocals and captivating guitar melodies. The song embodies themes of love, trust, and positivity, offering a soothing escape for listeners.

Goulam ft Sidiki Diabaté “Faut pas douter” (Mali)

Malian rapper Goulam teams up with Sidiki Diabaté in the captivating Afropop track “Faut pas douter.” Backed by Diabaté’s musical legacy, the song stands out with insightful lyrics and innovative production, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Suspect95 “Rose Ba” (Cote d’Ivoire)

Ivorian rapper Suspect95 pays homage to the Ivorian classic “Adjéké” by Rose Ba in “Rose Ba.” Fusing traditional influences with modern rap elements, the song showcases Suspect95’s distinctive style and artistry, creating a captivating musical experience.


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