The Best Southern African Songs of 2024 So Far

Top Southern African Songs of 2024 Thus Far

The beginning of the year has brought a wealth of music in Southern Africa, showcasing a variety of talent and genres.

Despite Tyla winning a Grammy, the spotlight continues to shine on the region with songs like TittoM and Yuppe’s “Tshwala Bam.” Notably, Doja Cat collaborating with South Africa’s acapella group, The Joy, has sparked conversations about her connection to her musical roots.

Here is a compilation of standout tracks from artists across Lesotho, South Africa, Eswatini, Botswana, and Zambia.

William Last KRM – “Today” ft. Lindough [Botswana]

The comedic talent of William Last KRM shines in “Today,” drawing inspiration from ’90s acts that captivated households. His music resonates with nostalgia and charm.

Mx Blouse – “Learn to Love You” feat. Amarafleur [South Africa]

Mx Blouse and Amarafleur collaborate on a poignant R&B track, exploring the complexities of new romance.

Mpho Sebina –  “Tshepo” [Botswana]

Mpho Sebina delivers a self-love anthem, drawing on past influences to create a mesmerizing piece that demands repeated listens.

Marcus Harvey – “Malome” [South Africa]

Marcus Harvey explores a new sound on “Malome,” showcasing his lyrical prowess and warm vocals.

Oriiginelle – “Change” with Zulu Mecca [Eswatini/South Africa]

Oriiginelle collaborates with Zulu Mecca on a rap gem, highlighting their skill and chemistry.

Tammy Moyo – “Kelly Kelvhedhura” with Master H [Zimbabwe]

Tammy Moyo and Master H join forces on a fiery tune that captivates from the first note.

Shasl – “Softly” [Zimbabwe]

Shasl delves into matters of the heart with a melodic track celebrating tender love and care.

Holy Ten – “Very Tight” [Zimbabwe]

Holy Ten impresses with “Very Tight,” an infectious club hit that showcases his unique style.

Omali Themba – “Mahlo A Batho” feat. Bobby Stringz [Lesotho]

Omali Themba shares a love story on a vibrant track with Bobby Stringz adding his vocal finesse.

Tyla – “Jump” w/ Skillibeng & Gunna [South Africa/America/Jamaica]

“Jump” unites talents across continents, with Skillibeng, Gunna, and Tyla creating a high-energy track with global appeal.

Scar – “Big Man” [Botswana]

Gaborone Son 2 by Scar

Scar showcases his rap prowess with “Big Man,” a standout track from his Gaborone Son 2 EP.

Usimamane – “Cheque” [South Africa]

**Song Manifestations: A Recap**

“Cheque,” a song of ambitions by Usimamane, unfolds a tale of desired material possessions like a cheque, fashionable outfits, a Benz car, a perfect companion, and a dream home for his mother. With perseverance and dedication, he believes in achieving all these aspirations and more by sustaining his current momentum.

**Maleh’s Resilience in Music**

Maleh has carved a solid foundation in the music scene with a loyal fan base that resonates deeply with her messages of adoration, optimism, and deliverance. Her track “Mmoloki” embodies an Afro-inspired melody symbolizing the comfort of knowing one’s divine support during trying times, engaging listeners in profound emotional experiences.

**Aqualaskin’s Emotional Journey**

Aqualaskin from Zambia delves into a reflective rap narrative surrounding loss and grief that left him vulnerable and shattered. The raw emotions conveyed in his lyrics, accompanied by a soothing beat, resonate with audiences on a heartfelt level, exploring the depths of inner turmoil.

**Shebeshxt’s Musical Odyssey**

South African rapper Shebeshxt, often a figure of controversy, embraces music as a sanctuary, collaborating with producer Naqua SA to produce compelling tracks. Amidst personal turmoil, his latest release “Nfano Ke Mang” reflects his rising prominence in the music industry, poised on a pivotal moment that could determine his artistic legacy amidst personal struggles.

**ASAP Shembe’s Gritty Style**

ASAP Shembe’s track “Impilo Ka Lova” confronts the harsh realities of ghetto life, shedding light on prevalent crime and limited opportunities, offering a gritty perspective distinctive from mainstream rap in Mzansi with a unique and standout flow.

**Sjava’s Ancestral Tribute**

Sjava’s “Ngibongiseni” appreciates his ancestral legacy and roots, capturing a blend of old and new influences in the re-released deluxe package from his album “Isibuko,” showcasing his ability to maintain a loyal fan base while attracting new listeners with his distinct sound.

**Mumba Yachi’s Reflective Piece**

Mumba Yachi, a Congolese-Zambian artist, infuses Zamrock vibes into his rendition of Chef 187’s hit “Wala Wala,” portraying the universal sentiment of unfulfilled dreams despite apparent success. His authentic and relatable update resonates in a world grappling with shattered hopes.

**Crispy Malawi’s Consistent Appeal**

Crispy Malawi’s consistent output reflects a blend of self-assuredness and magnetic charm in his music, offering a laid-back rap style that captivates audiences. His track “Uzithamanga” stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication and evolving musical journey.

**DJ Lag’s Electronic Evolution**

DJ Lag, a pioneer in South African electronic music, continues to push boundaries with his latest release “Oke Oke,” exploring diverse sounds and potentially expanding his reach to international platforms, marking a significant milestone in his musical career.

**Eli Njuchi’s Melodic Mastery**

Eli Njuchi from Malawi showcases his pop prowess and dancehall finesse in the track “Simpo” featuring Onesimus, creating a catchy tune that transcends genres and geographical boundaries, embodying the essence of a potential continental hit.


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