Pheelz Unleashes New Energy

The day before his latest EP is released, Pheelz is relaxed, getting his hair washed, exuding a mix of gratefulness and excitement to share his music with his fans. The journey from producing hits for stars like Olamide and Adekunle Gold to collaborating with artists like Davido and Usher reshaped Pheelz into an established and unique voice in the world of Afrobeats.

With the debut EP Pheelz Good, Pheelz navigated personal struggles, while his latest work Pheelz Good II reveals a transformed artist who no longer seeks validation but embraces self-love and imperfections, creating a vibrant blend of Afropop and Amapiano, setting new trends in the genre.

Innovative Sounds

Experimenting with sounds from fuji to R&B, Pheelz infuses each track on the EP with a unique essence. Collaborations with Niniola and sampling classics like “Ijo Fuji” showcase Pheelz‘s diverse musical influences and his commitment to pushing boundaries in Afrobeats.

Rejecting the obsession with commercial success, Pheelz calls for a deeper appreciation of music beyond charts and numbers, urging listeners to explore and discover artists beyond the mainstream.

Embracing his creative freedom, Pheelz distances himself from expectations, focusing on the energy and joy his music brings. Unapologetically confident in his craft, Pheelz transcends external opinions, finding solace in his ability to connect with his audience through his divine talent.

Transitioning to a carefree mindset, Pheelz aims to uplift listeners with positive vibes and infectious rhythms, inviting them to immerse themselves in the music and leave their worries behind. For Pheelz, this EP marks a spiritual journey of self-acceptance and artistic liberation.

Experience the EP below:

Pheelz Good II


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