New Track Release: Experience Oxlade’s Latest Single “Arabambi”

Recognized for his exceptional talent in the Afrobeats music scene, Oxlade consistently pushes boundaries with each new release, infusing his R&B style with vibrant variations. His latest offering, “Arabambi,” not only marks his first single of 2024 but also serves as a teaser from his upcoming debut album, Oxlade of Africa, slated for later this year.

“Arabambi” introduces a laid-back vibe, featuring soothing drumbeats and expressive guitar melodies. These musical elements lend a sense of depth to the track, providing a perfect backdrop for Oxlade’s smooth vocals. In the opening lines, he weaves in a nod to Drake’s lyrics from Wizkid’s “Come Closer,” crooning, “What would I do without you, my chargie / I don’t wanna see you with anybody,” showcasing his distinctive vocal style that exudes longing. As the song progresses, the mellow production accentuates Oxlade’s velvety voice, building up the emotional intensity.

In describing the song, Oxlade explains that “Arabambi” translates to ‘the child of the people,’ symbolizing a figure born from the community, embodying greatness. Influenced by American singer Miguel’s vocal techniques, the melody strikes a balance between a love song and Oxlade’s signature confident flair. Originally meant to showcase at COLORSxSTUDIO, this track reflects his authentic artistry.

While “Ku Lo Sa” stands as Oxlade’s breakout international hit, garnered attention with a remix featuring Camilla Cabello. He also collaborated with UK rapper Dave on “Intoxycated” and dropped solo releases like “Piano” and “Katigori.”

Building on the success of his debut EP, OXYGENE, Oxlade’s upcoming album, Oxlade of Africa, promises to extend his musical journey. Tracks like “Ojuju” from the DJ Coublon-produced joint project, Eclipse, have heightened anticipation for the album’s release.

With “Arabambi,” Oxlade continues to raise the bar, setting high expectations for his forthcoming album. Stay tuned and stream “Arabambi” below.


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