Exploring the Intimate Visuals of BOJ and Adekunle Gold’s “Love Garden”

BOJ is a significant personality in modern Nigerian music, who has been instrumental in progressing the alté sound and aesthetic through his involvement with the DRB Lasgidi group. He recently collaborated with Adekunle Gold on the track “Love Garden,” blending their folk and R&B influences to create a sound that resonates both locally and globally. The success of the song lies in the seamless combination of their individual styles, with emotive guitars and relaxed percussive bass setting the tone for a mellow love record.

The music video for “Love Garden” captures a laid-back vibe, featuring beach scenery and the artists enjoying themselves, offering viewers a glimpse into the breezy and intimate aspects of their creative process and lifestyle.

The track also boasts a catchy groove, highlighted by rhythmic drum patterns that are sure to get listeners moving. BOJ’s strategic release of this single follows the deluxe version of his album Gbagada Express from last year, where he showcased his ability to collaborate with artists from across continents, including the UK and Africa. The success of “Love Garden” sets the stage for BOJ’s upcoming project slated for release later this summer, already generating excitement among fans.

Experience the visualizer for “Love Garden” below.


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