Davido Energizes the Popular Song “Ogechi” with His Presence

Davido is known for elevating the success of any song he collaborates on. He has a track record of jumping on trending songs and participating in remixes, such as his features on Lady Donli‘s “Cash (Remix)” and Young Jonn‘s “Dada (Remix).”

In his most recent collaboration, the Nigerian music sensation joins the remix of “Ogechi,” a song that has been gaining popularity on TikTok and local radio stations. The timing of this release aligns with his wedding festivities and adds a special significance as the song pays homage to a woman from the same region of Nigeria as his wife.

Davido brings his signature lively style to the song, infusing it with vibrant energy and catchy lyrics that are sure to resonate at celebratory events like weddings.

The original artists, Boypee, Hyce, and Brown Joel, maintain the seamless blend and soulful harmonies that made “Ogechi” a hit. With Davido’s contribution to the remix, this Igbo Folk-inspired track has the potential to transcend its current internet fame and become a long-lasting favorite in the Afrobeat scene.

Take a listen below.


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