TunesDeck is a Music inspired project by Primetweets Media. Our plan is to deliver Music Contents to Nigerians at home and abroad. The idea was to create a platform where Music Content Creators, Upcoming/emerging Artists and Stars in Nigeria can upload their contents and share them with friends and also interact with them on the platform.
This whole plan was born out of our love for Entertainment and we wanted to separate Music contents from our normal Entertainment news on Primetweets, that's why we brought TunesDeck to bridge the gap and achieve this dream.
TunesDeck will now serve as our official Music Contents Portal, leaving Primetweets to serve only Entertainment News, Fashion and Lifestyle. We want to really keep you focused and here's what's up!
The aim has always been to create an enhanced platform where Nigerian Entertainers and Music lovers could easily and freely Discover, Share, and Promote their Music/Video contents to a variety of people. Our idea is to simplify the process so as to promote the Nigerian/African sound to the world.
A user, artist or content creator/promoter will register, update their account information, then upload a song or video. After that, they can share the link to their contents to their friends so they could easily stream/download it for free even without signing up. Users can as well use the platform to arrange playlists and entertain themselves. They can as well interact with their friends and make new connections to grow their reach, this is really important for upcoming artists/stars as it'll help them boost their career.
Primetweets Media, founded in 2012 has since been known for delivering quality Entertainment and Lifestyle Stories and we've been hellbent on making Nigerians get familiar with what's happening around the world. We launched TunesDeck on January 1st, 2020, as a subsidiary, so as to differentiate the News and Music platform, thereby making TunesDeck to stand as our platform to promote Music and Video contents.
We want to create a difference in the Nigerian music industry and simplify the whole process of music promotion. We want to discover great talents and sell out their brands to the world. We want to influence the music industry with relevance and impact lives. All these can only be done with sponsorships like yours. We've got this planned up, all we just need is your support to grow this together. 
To discuss sponsorships, please contact us at; sponsors@tunesdeck.com+2347015557714

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